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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Movie Review

tatbilbSo, I FINALLY got around to watching the Netflix original movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I know, I know – where have I been? Everyone has seen it by now!

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Jenny Han’s series. I felt that Lara Jean was too childish for her age, and it made her a frustrating character to follow. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but the book just didn’t connect with me.

However, the movie. The movie! SO. GOOD.

I wasn’t expecting much from the movie, considering my feelings on the book, but WOW. It totally blew me away! From the opening shot, I was hooked. It had me laughing immediately, and I was ready to see where the movie was going to take me.

Lana Condor, the actress who plays Lara Jean, has excellent comedic timing. She perfected Lara Jean, made her into a character that I felt good to be rooting for. She was totally believable as an awkward high schooler. She absolutely nailed it! I look forward to seeing what she does in the future.

Noah Centineo, the actor playing Peter, was spot on as well. He was charming, funny, and all around a perfect Peter. Honestly, I feel the casting in this movie as a whole was great. I loved the characters we were supposed to love, hated the characters we were supposed to hate, which is an awesome feat of the casting director.

The plot was cut down a bit – there were portions of the book cut out, as there always is in book-to-movie adaptations, but nothing cut out was necessary. I felt the movie was better for cutting those parts from the book – its more to the point and keeps things rolling and on track.

Its also great to see a more diverse movie become so popular. I think its important we feature diverse characters in our films and books! I feel that books have really stepped up in that way, and hopefully American films will, as well.

Overall, I loved this movie. Fingers crossed Netflix makes a sequel!

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